Our Strength

Corporate Strength

Minhong Garment Weaving was established in July 2004 and Nasida Import and Export was established in July 2005. In addition to familiar with business, practical experience of foreign business personnel, as well as high-quality design personnel, R & D design style.

Widely Sold

At present, the company has a set of design and development, many years of experience in the production of clothing staff. Strong production strength, products are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries.

Our Service

Minhong Garment Weaving and Nasida Import and Export sincerely welcome overseas customers to inquire, visit, further communication, good cooperation, to provide better service for customers.

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ABout US

Jinjiang Minhong Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. was established in July 2004, is the production of clothing, printing, knitted fabrics, computer embroidery varieties of production enterprises. Our company' s main products include girl' s clothes, baby clothes, and boy' s clothes. Jinjiang Minhong Garment Weaving Co., Ltd. is located in Andong Industrial Park, Dongshi Town, Jinjiang City, with modern office buildings and standardized factories, as well as first-class advanced production equipment.


Color design of children's clothes.

Color design of children's clothes.

Children are at different growth stages, their physiological and psychological characteristics are different, so the color design of children's clothes of different ages will also change and require correspondingly with the change of age.

Fabric classification of children's wear.

Fabric classification of children's wear.

Feel soft and elastic, soft and natural luster, comfortable and beautiful wearing, high-grade feeling, good moisture absorption, not easy to heat conduction, good heat preservation, wrinkle resistance, especially in clothing processing...

Children's clothing classification.

Children's clothing classification.

Baby clothes are clothing worn by babies under 36 months of age. At this time, the baby's skin is delicate, the head is roughly round, curious and incompetent, disorderly pull. The style should be simple and loose, easy to take off and ...

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