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Fabric classification of children's wear.


1. Wool

Advantages: Feel soft and elastic, soft and natural luster, comfortable and beautiful wearing, high-grade feeling, good moisture absorption, not easy to heat conduction, good heat preservation, wrinkle resistance, especially in clothing processing and ironing after better pleat forming and clothing shape protection;

Lack of points: alkali resistance, shrinkage, easy to wrinkle;
Note: Washing temperature should not be too high, avoid rubbing and twisting, avoid sun exposure;
Ironing points: wet ironing, dry the material from the opposite side;

2. Cotton fabric
Advantages: strong moisture absorption, good dyeing performance, soft feel, comfortable wearing, simple appearance, not easy to moth, fast and durable.
Lack of points: shrinkage rate is large, elasticity is poor, easy to wrinkle, clothing conformation is poor, easy to mildew, there will be slight fading phenomenon, not acid resistance.
Precautions: The clothing and cotton cloth should be moisture-proof and mildew proof in storage, use and storage; Do not be exposed to the sun for a long time. When airing, turn out the inner layer. Do not soak for a long time, do not wring out.
Ironing points: low temperature, medium temperature ironing; When ironing at medium temperature, clothes should be covered with dry cloth to avoid the aurora.

3. All cotton silk
Advantages: Cotton fabric after high concentration of caustic soda (wool) treatment, feel smooth, bright color, silky luster, comfortable to wear.
Missing spots: slight fading.

Note: It is basically the same as cotton fabric.

Mercerization is a traditional processing technology for cotton fabrics. It is made of low-size (high-count) cotton fabric, which is treated with high concentration of caustic soda to make it smooth and silk like luster, and then finished with high-quality softener, making it light, smooth and comfortable to wear.

4. Imitation leather

Fabric process: 

The fabric is processed by the combination of high quality base cloth and high grade PU glue.


The fabric has the "meat" feeling of real leather, soft and slippery, elastic, soft luster, excellent ironing, with good wind and rain, water function (imitation fur flocking plush feeling, reflecting the style of animal fur, rough and wild).

Maintenance and care:

Do not iron, do not machine wash.
Do not rub, only gently kneading wash.
Do not dry, do not touch sharp hard objects.
Do not touch open flames.
No adhesive properties on the paste.
Non-folding packaging, to be hung for collection.
After washing, cool and dry the reverse side outward.

5. Hemp fabric


Good water absorption and comfortable wearing.Lack of points: easy to wrinkle, fading phenomenon.


Do not use a hard brush to wash, do not twist, avoid the sun exposure.Ironing points: ironing needs to be evenly sprinkled with water, can be ironed at medium temperature.

6.T/C fabric

Fabric process: 

The use of fine denier or super fine denier polyvinegar fiber and high-count combed cotton (40, 60, 80, etc.) interwoven.Best points: fabric feel crisp, smooth, bright color. The body bones are elastic, good moisture absorption and air absorption, and the surface is smooth and clean.

Washing and maintenance: 

washing temperature below 30C, washing soaking time no more than 30 minutes, no chlorine bleaching, no exposure to the sun, no wringing, no turning cage turn drying, suitable for drying, and pay attention to moisture-proof.Ironing points: Do not dry clean 110? C Steam ironing at low temperature.

7. Wool-polyester fabric

Wool-polyester fabric: 

Refers to the fabric made of wool and polyester blended yarn, is currently the most common kind of wool-blended fabric. The common ratio of wool-polyester blend is 45:55, which can not only keep the advantages of wool, but also play the advantages of polyester;


wool and polyester blend, light texture, good wrinkle recovery performance. Strong and wear-resistant, easy to wash and dry, stable size, durable pleat;

Washing points: 

First soak in cold water for 15 minutes, and then wash with general synthetic detergent, lotion temperature should not exceed 45 degrees Celsius, neckline, cuffs dirty soft brush gently scrub, clean, can be lightly twisted, placed in a cool and ventilated place to dry, not exposed to the sun, should not be dried, so as not to due to cooked wrinkle;

8. Silk fabrics


Feel smooth, glossy, comfortable, elegant and luxurious;Missing points: poor wrinkle resistance, poor light resistance, not long time exposure, sensitive to alkali reaction;Ironing points: negative low temperature, medium temperature ironing, spraying water should be uniform;

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