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Color design of children's clothes.


Children are at different growth stages, their physiological and psychological characteristics are different, so the color design of children's clothes of different ages will also change and require correspondingly with the change of age.

Infants sleep for a long time, glasses adaptability is weak, the color of clothing should not be too bright, too stimulating, should try to reduce the use of bright red as clothing material, generally use light color, moderate color, such as white, light red pink, light lemon color, light yellow, light blue, light green, so as to reflect the innocence of infants and cute. And light blue, light green, pink color is bright, brilliant, white is pure and clean. Clothing patterns should also be small and elegant, often using light blue, pink, cream and other small flower or animal patterns.

Whether children's clothes look good, decoration is appropriate in place, first depends on the color collocation. Children's color is suitable for bright colors or dirty colors.

Children's clothing should adopt moderate brightness, bright colors, and they are lively, like song and dance games of the characteristics of coordination. Children's clothing with bright and lively contrasting colors, three primary colors, give a person with bright, eye-catching and relaxed. With color block Mosaic, interval, you can receive lively and lovely, colorful effect.

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