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Children's clothing classification.


(1) Baby clothes
Baby clothes are clothing worn by babies under 36 months of age. At this time, the baby's skin is delicate, the head is roughly round, curious and incompetent, disorderly pull. The style should be simple and loose, easy to take off and wear; Fabrics should be made of natural fibers with strong water absorption and good air permeability. Such as soft cotton or wool. Color is light, warm or light pink, can be appropriate to have a little embroidery pattern. Do not choose hard material baby clothes and baby clothes with hard buttons.

(2) children's clothes
Babywear refers to clothing worn by children between the ages of 2 and 5. At this time the children lively lively, round belly, big belly, naive and honest. The style should be loose and lively, local available animals, characters, flowers and flowers of the embroidery pattern, the best also with piping, Mosaic, pleating process. Colors should be in bright, dirt-resistant tones. Fabrics are made of all-cotton fabrics that are durable and easy to wash. Outerwear can also be made of soft, easy to wash, synthetic fabrics.

(3) children's clothes
Children's clothing refers to clothing worn by children aged 6-11 years. At this time, the children grow rapidly, hands and feet growth, naughty active, self-advocacy. The style should be mainly loose, men and women are different, and can do some elastic. Color can be used at the same time with a wide range of contrast tones. An increased range of fabrics, both natural and synthetic. Children's style changes, according to the child's personality to choose. Children's clothing can be further divided into small children's clothing, children's clothing, big children's clothing three categories.

(4) children's clothes

Youth clothes are clothes worn by children aged 12 to 16. At this time, the adolescent body development changes greatly, gender characteristics are obvious. They tend to have their own aesthetic tastes, especially for novel clothes, often inventive. The style should be between children's clothes and youth clothes. School uniform is their most common clothes, clothes do not seek luxury but in the collocation of style, color bright and elegant, local small decoration to be constantly renovated. More fabrics are made of chemical fiber materials. Because children are growing fast and need to constantly update their outfits, avoid expensive outfits.

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